Woman rapes man, man must pay child support

There are three legal cases across the country where a court ruled that a man had to pay child support after having nonconsensual sex with a woman who got pregnant.

But here’s the twist—the sex wasn’t nonconsensual for the woman—it was for the man.

In the first case, S.F. v. Alabama ex rel T.M, the man had passed out drunk and his brother had put him to bed. The woman had sex with him in that state and gotten pregnant—from nonconsensual sex.

In the second case, San Luis Obispo Co. v. Nathaniel J, a 15 year old boy was seduced by a mother twice his age—statutory rape and nonconsensual.

In the last case, State of Louisiana v. Frisard, well, I’ll just have to document it here:

In this case the father testified (and the court accepted) that he never had vaginal intercourse with the plaintiff. Instead the woman inseminated herself from sperm that she had retained after she performed sex acts on the defendant.

And in all three cases, the men were forced to pay child support after being raped in various ways.

Now mind you, if a woman chooses to have an abortion, a man has no say in the decision.

But even if a man is raped, he’s still liable for child support.

Kinda makes you want to go out and get a vasectomy, huh?

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