Hands Up, Don’t Shoot… Shoots Two Cops

Ferguson Policemen Shot

Based on reports from Reuters, two cops have been shot from an unknown shooter within a crowd of “peaceful” demonstrators after the police chief of Ferguson, Missouri, resigned Thursday.  I cannot help but wonder if there will be any clever slogans created after this latest shooting incident.  Maybe I can get a chant going like, “Please, peaceful protestor; don’t shoot. I’m not even from around here.”  I know it’s not as catchy as “Hands up, don’t shoot” but, despite my best efforts, I am not very good at writing fiction like “Hands up, don’t shoot”.



Lest you think me harsh or insensitive, I say this in light of the DOJ Report that states that the phrase “Hands up; Don’t Shoot” has been nothing more than a pleasant fiction.  Thank goodness there are no Google Images of politicians, athletes, or celebrities propagating an event that never happened! Be Warned, there are 7 pictures of really dumb coming up…


These are United States Congressmen/women. These people get their jobs via the voting public. It’s easy to fire them.


Michael Sam (Stick to football) and Dave Chapelle (Stick to comedy)


Oh Beyonce! We like your Super Bowl performances. Maybe you should stick to photo ops with Michelle Obama and leave the heavy lifting to less knee-jerk reactionaries.


Perhaps Al Sharpton is moved by the Spirit. If by Spirit, you mean Al Sharpton.


No societal messages with that hat on!


Common mimes… who knew?!


Dime store Rachel Maddow waxes idiotic with her gullible colleagues.

But let’s face it, grandstanding in front of gullible audiences members at the Grammys is more chic and self-promoting than standing up for two police officers who have been shot.  While we are on the subject, have any of these celebrities even visited Ferguson, Missouri?  And, no, preplanned concert tour dates do not count!  Have those football players gone to Ferguson to help out the youths of that city?  This is lazy activism at best; getting the moral credit for publicly standing up for people in places that they would not even dare to visit.  Sorry, flyover states, famous people only care about you when it can serve their purposes.  In fact, publicity is about the only thing these celebrities will do pro bono.

I wish I could find this shooter and inform him/her that if “justice” was their goal, shooting two out of the county policemen is not going to help mull over relations with law enforcement and the citizenry.  The police officers who were shot were not even Ferguson policemen.  One officer was from St. Louis County and one was from Webster Groves Police Department.   I know all cops look the same, but if your ire is going to be drawn towards imagined oppressors, at least give a courtesy roll call so that your bullet is targeted at the right person.  This is like attacking a New York cop because a Ferguson cop shot and killed Michael Brown.  I am just thankful that did not happen.

Oh wait, it did happen. Crap!



I cannot help but wonder if this shooter even knows the family of Michael Brown.  Is this shooter comforting the family and friends of Michael Brown or is he/she seeking to satisfy a selfish and immature urge to strike back at imaginary oppressors in the name of a narrative that did not even happen? 

Even in the face of evidence from the Department of Justice, this lie of “Hands up don’t shoot” continues to be perpetuated, and braindead automatons mean mugging in front of news cameras.  If nothing else, at least this is an ideal example of letting the imperfect justice system work itself out before bitterly clinging onto narratives and mantras that are suspicious at best.  Of all the bad things that the Internet has brought forth in society, one of the silver linings we have saved in perpetuity are images of really dumb politicians with their hands up.  At least the voter now has photographic evidence of which politician who needs to be kicked out of office. 


Thanks to @LibertyBell100 for helping me out!

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