Huntsmans leave the Republican party, want back in

Jon Huntsman was the Governor of Utah and a minor presidential candidate for the Republican Party in 2008. He didn’t get far, but instead of blaming himself, he blamed the party for his loss.

He left the party in disgust and even “called for the rise of a third party”.

So when his daughter Abby gave an interview on CurrentTV with Democratic ex-Governor Jennifer Granholm, she said her dad:

was supposed to speak at a fundraiser in Florida and the RNC contacted him and said because you are speaking out about the need for a third voice, you’re no longer invited to represent us at the fundraiser. In fact, he’s actually been disinvited to a lot of events.

Well, no crap. Think of a baseball player. You can’t leave your baseball team, criticize said baseball team, and then expect a VIP invite to the baseball team’s Christmas party.

But it sure sounds like they miss being Republicans.

Then the exchange took a strange turn:

Granholm, the former Democratic governor of Michigan, said she would send Huntsman an invitation to join the Democratic Party. “I will join you there,” Huntsman replied.

Remind me why this family wants to be Republican so bad again?

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