Which countries drink the most wine and beer?

When you think of the country that drinks the most wine, the answer seems obvious: Italy or France.

But you’d be very, very wrong.

Vatican City drinks the most wine per capita of any country, consuming 73.8 liters per person, which is 98 bottles.

“bottoms up” — the pope


That’s a bottle of wine about every three and a half days.

Another tiny principality, Andorra, which borders France and Spain, consumes 46.4 liters of wine per person.

And finally, in third place, is France, which consumes 44.2 liters of wine per person. Italy doesn’t even make the cut.

And as far as beer is concerned, Germany’s got that one locked DOWN, right?


The Czech Republic consumes 238.4 bottles of beer (633 ml size, standard size) per person per year, which is about a bottle every day and a half.

czech up on it

It wouldn’t surprise me if they use beer as breastmilk.

Second place is Austria, which consumes 170.3 bottles per person per year.

And finally, in 3rd place, is Germany, drinking 167.6 bottles per person per year.

For reference, the US is 14th on beer consumption (121.8 bottles/person/yr) and 56th on wine consumption (10.4 liters/person/yr).

Which is fascinating, because the US is the #1 wine market and the #2 beer market in the world, and for the first time ever, has an equal number of beer and wine drinkers.

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