Stifling debate over the N-word

In a recent essay, Piers Morgan *shudders* wrote an essay over the appropriate use of the N-word.

His basic conclusion is that it shouldn’t be used. ¬†Ever.

It’s not a courageous perspective, or an original one, but it’s a perspective at least.

The controversy (there always has to be controversy, doesn’t there?) comes in because he said the following at the conclusion of his thinkpiece:

Better, surely, to have [the n-word] expunged completely. Eradicated, obliterated, tied to a literary post and whipped into such brutal submission that it never rears its vicious head again.

His opinion is categorized thusly by Leah Finnegan of Gawker:

Finally, he outlines a solution to the problem of the word “n****r” by using violent imagery that is in no way evocative of a mass system of free labor that enslaved millions of black people for decades in America.

So by saying that a word should be damaged the same way that its original usage was used to damage is…racist? ¬†Offensive?

Finnegan doesn’t say, only to later in the comments wish that Piers would just shut up:

Yes, of course.

Say nothing.

Stifle conversation and any potential for a dissenting opinion.

Good on you.

How does it feel?

Does it feel warm and fuzzy? Like a mug of hot cocoa on a chilly day?

You’ve effectively taken a Chip Clip (TM) and clamped it over the lips of another human being who is speaking on a matter, and not even offensively, because what exactly?

Because you have more to add to the conversation?

Because you feel it necessary to deem yourself as a sort of moral authority on the issue?

Because you, High Priestess of the English language you, have wielded your scepter like a lightsaber of truth, smiting those who dare part their lips?

Or is it because he said something that makes you uncomfortable because…why?

Because you experienced the horrors of slavery firsthand?

Because someone yelled “bigger” once and you flinched?

Or because you’re taking umbrage on behalf of a people who didn’t ask you to?

You’ve once again self-appointed to a position of moral authority, saying “don’t worry bro, i GOT this…” to a room of people saying “who the hell are you?”

The only thing offensive and off putting is you putting yourself in the position of saying that because of someone’s background, skin color, etc they are unqualified to comment on an issue whatsoever.

Who’s judging now?

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