So Chris Rock and Janeane Garofalo walk into a bar…

A thought occurs.  It’s not a particularly original or provocative thought, but it’s a thought none-the-less.  Chris Rock has lost his edge and has become an Obama sycophant.


One of the hallmarks of any great comedian is their ability to hold nothing sacred while they are performing in front of an audience.  The very nature of the craft is that anything and everything is ripe for parody.  That is not to say that a comedian cannot hold a specific opinion or belief in their private lives, but they tend to sacrifice that those on the alter for the sake of their art.

Consider your humorous servant Chris Rock who, back in the day, was once on the cutting edge of comedy.  Regardless of gender, religion, or race, everything was up on the chopping block to be ridiculed.  In fact, Michael Scott got into trouble with HR for doing one of Chris Rock’s famous bits.

In the realm of politics, Chris Rock had a smorgasbord of material at his disposal and President Bush was a favorite target of his (Not that this was a challenging feat).

He made an appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher to criticize Ann Coulter for defending President Bush’s lackluster SAT scores.  Apparently, one of Bush’s scores was in the 600’s and Maher was wondering how Bush ever got into Yale.  Well, Chris Rock was flabbergasted and could not fathom someone defending this dummy.  He finally winds up asking Coulter if she was f*ck!ng the President.

Well, lets fast forward a couple of years to the Presidency of Barack Obama.  Chris Rock, as you may or may not know, is a terribly embarrassing fanboy of President Obama.


Chris Rock was on the The Graham Norton Show addressing the issue of comedians hesitating to make jokes about Obama.  The conventional wisdom at the time was as to why anyone shied away from joking about Obama was because of his race.  Chris Rock assured us that this wasn’t because Obama was black…  It was because Obama is just too cool.

The once edgy comic now has started down the trail that Janeane Garofalo has long since blazed and is now a full fledged puppet of President Obama.  The only question I have for Chris Rock now is, “Are you f*ck!ng the President?” Unfortunately, I think we know the answer.



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