Prostitution bust catches…cop

You’ve heard the stories about cops pretending to be hookers in order to bust johns.

But what happens when the cops get caught in the bust? (pardon the pun)

Java Juggs in Everett, WA is a “sexy barista” coffee shop—kind of like a “Hooters” for coffee.

The problem was that the operation was running a wee bit more underground, with baristas providing favors to some customers for extra cash.

A cop was sent to investigate, and that’s when things got weird.

Darrell O’Neill, a Snohomish County Sherriff Sergeant, ended up sleeping with the owner and one of the girls, in exchange for tipping them off to the police raid.

Worse—there’s video of him “hugging and kissing the baristas while in uniform, and never buying a cup of coffee”.

The Sergeant has now been “placed on administrative leave”.

Geez…talk about a fox guarding the henhouse. Or rather, the cathouse.

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