Papa John’s cooks up some charity–gets an A in my book

Papa John’s has come under fire recently for remarks like the following:

[CEO John H. Schnatter] saying the health care overhaul might add 14 cents to the cost of each pizza — and that some franchisees might cut workers’ hours to avoid paying insurance costs.

By providing an honest assessment of the effect the healthcare law has on them, they’re roundly lambasted.

However, this is a company that has “given more than $30 million in charitable contributions to the community.”

They even have a new campaign:

Click “Like” to raise awareness for the 35 million hungry people right here in the United States.

Because of all you caring people out there, Papa John’s raised $50,000 for The Salvation Army USA to feed the hungry in just ONE DAY!

Imagine what a difference we can keep making together! Stay tuned for more programs like this from #PapaJohnCares

But what struck me the most was a comment on this photo of a crying girl that was used for the post:

JackieMonica Sanchez @Ann imagine Obamacare didn’t cause a fortune and have companies such as Papa Johns pay incredibly high taxes to pay for Obamacare. When I was younger I worked two jobs to support my family. We didn’t have health insurance just 18 years ago. But I didn’t sit there and blame my boss or the company I worked for. I woke up every morning earned my living paid my bills and thanked God for providing for us that day. Each individual has a responsibility to make the most of their lives and success is there to achieve. It may not be easy, it might take two jobs or three, but at the end of the day, they can be proud of what they did to support their families that day. Papa Johns owner has done nothing wrong but succeed in creating a successful business. Provide for his family, created jobs for this country and now is giving back to help feed the needy. Thank you again Papa John for donating.

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

And while “Papa John” gets mocked by the media, “[he] lives with his family in the most expensive home in this area, a limestone mansion modeled after an Italian villa — a spread so grand that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney extolled its virtues during a fundraiser there in May.”

Gov. Mitt Romney sums it up best: “You know, if a Democrat were here, he’d look around and say no one should live like this. Republicans come here and say everyone should live like this.”

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